Would you love to learn technical analysis from scratch or advance your knowledge in the niche?


Then let me mentor you!

I’m currently teaching new and existing traders of the crypto and Forex markets, proven strategies to earn a profit.

A good number of my mentees make a living from trading independently thanks to their high-level knowledge in the area.

So, don’t want to make avoidable mistakes while trading which could cost you your capital?

Learn from someone who has painstakingly tried and tested profitable trading strategies

Benefits of Enrolling in My Mentorship

Here’s what you stand to gain when you enroll for my mentorship session:

1. Access to Personalized Videos on Technical Analysis:

I’ve spent months creating videos on various trading strategies I employ while trading.

My personalized videos will help you learn these strategies to master the art of trading.

The beauty of these strategies is that they have already been tested and are what I use to trade daily.

2. Daily signals on both crypto and Forex trades.

I’m an intraday trader and as such, my daily trades will also be shared with you.

You can look forward to the reasons why I took the trade, entry and exit points, conditions where the trade is invalidated, etc.

These signals provide a good way for you to earn as you learn.

3. Premium content on advanced technical analysis

You can look forward to premium trading courses that will further improve your knowledge of technical analysis.

These are highly rated courses I can attest to be worth the time and energy you’ll put into studying them.

The courses also include PDFs from some of the world’s best traders.

4. Moral support whenever you need it:

It’s true trading can be emotionally and physically draining sometimes.

On days when that’s the case, having someone in the same field to talk to can help.

And that’s where I come in.

Results From My Mentees

The images below are results from some of my mentees.

How Much Does Mentorship Cost?

A one-time payment of $500 will get you started with an online mentorship session with me.

This session lasts for six months.

To register, make payment to the USDT address below:

USDT Bep20:


USDT Trc20:


Next, send proof of payment to

You can also send the payment proof on WhatsApp to this number: +2349025009072.

We’ll begin the mentorship session once your payment has been confirmed.

You get to choose the days and times most convenient for you.

Below are images of recent payments from those I mentor.

You too can be a part!