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online trading courses for beginners

Top 3 Online Trading Courses for Beginners

What if you could find great online trading courses for beginners and professionals? That’ll mean learning with ease while advancing your trading skill in the Forex, crypto, or stock market. And you’d agree the better your skill and risk management, the more money you’ll make consistently. But first, there are certain criteria a day trading […]


Best Laptop for Crypto Trading

Let’s talk about the best laptop for crypto trading. Because you’re gonna need one of these at some point whether you’re a day trader or swing trader. A bigger screen means a wider space to read your charts. You also get to draw cleaner cut support and resistance lines without putting in so much effort. […]

Piercing line candlestick pattern EURUSD

How to Trade Piercing Pattern Candlestick

It’s time to learn how to trade the piercing pattern candlestick. This formation is one of the most frequently occurring patterns on crypto charts. You’ll find it on lower and higher time frames. Therefore scalpers, swing traders, and long-term investors can use it. There’s no single market for it. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Matic, Shiba, Solana, Avalanche, […]

crypto staking misconceptions

Crypto Staking Misconceptions

There are a lot of crypto staking misconceptions that you and I have been believing all along. Either as a result of being misled by other traders or just painting a picture in our mind of what we expect. But let’s not be led by assumptions since that could cost time and money. That is, […]

Inverse Fisher Transform stochastic

Inverse Fisher Stochastic Indicator

Here’s a quick review of John Ehlers’ inverse fisher transform. You’re right about attributing this trading theorem or whatever you choose to call it to this Engineer. Is it worth the time you’ll spend learning it? Definitely! It enables you see the market in one more light. And that could improve the way you trade […]

What is swing pattern failure

What is Swing Failure Pattern

What is swing failure pattern (SFP)? I’ll tell you shortly! The term sounded vague to me at first until I gave it some thought. Sure I know what a swing is and so do you. But joggle these terms together and you might assume it’s a strange concept. It isn’t! You’ve seen swing failure patterns […]


5 Things to Know Before the Crypto Market Opens

Believe it or not, there are things to know before the crypto market opens on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, etc. These are things I wish I knew before day trading because it would’ve made my whole journey easier. But better late than never right? You could say the same irrespective of the level of knowledge […]