Top 3 Online Trading Courses for Beginners

What if you could find great online trading courses for beginners and professionals?

That’ll mean learning with ease while advancing your trading skill in the Forex, crypto, or stock market.

And you’d agree the better your skill and risk management, the more money you’ll make consistently.

But first, there are certain criteria a day trading course must meet whether it’s a PDF file or video.

It must be written in simple English to ensure new traders understand its concepts irrespective of how technical these concepts are.

The guide must also be created by a professional who has profitably traded various markets for years.

I could go on and on but let me show you some of the best online trading courses for beginners and professionals.

What is an Online Trading Course?

An online trading course is virtual training material on trading.

This content can be in form of PDFs or videos and it’ll train you on how to start online trading.

Videos, for instance, are made up of various parts explaining each topic in the course in detail.

So let’s say you want to learn how to trade with technical analysis, the best trading course will help you begin.

The ability to access these courses online means whether you’re in Nigeria, the UK, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, UAE, Singapore, India, etc. you can still learn forex trading.

It’s also worth noting that these courses take it one step further from what YouTube videos offer.

You get 6 to 24 hours of video playtime with these courses. And that means a more elaborate explanation of trading strategies using charts.

Best Trading Courses Online

Here’s a list of some of the best trading courses online:

1. Big Bucks Trader:

Big Bucks Trader by Grace Joseph comes with a trading book and video course.

The book has four major parts on technical analysis and a single part on fundamental analysis.

Meanwhile, the video walks you through all the concepts explained in the book. It also features practical examples of live trades.

So you can consider the video an assistant while reading. You can learn trading online on your own with it.

You’d agree that sometimes you’re getting an idea different from what a writer is projecting.

In trading, that could be costly since that’ll impact your entries and exits.

That being said, reading the book and watching live trades used as examples helps you learn better.

There’s no room for assumptions since you get the actual idea the course creator is painting.

Some concepts that have been covered in Big Bucks Trader Include price action trading with candlesticks, patterns, pivots, and order blocks.

What can I say, give this training material a try if you’re out to get a complete beginner course to cryptocurrency trading.

2. Stock Trading (Day Trading) Pivot Point Technical Analysis:

best online trading courses for beginners

One of the best trading courses on Udemy is Stock Trading (Day Trading) Pivot Point Technical Analysis by Jyoti Bansal.

The course comes highly recommended on the platform.

You may want to rely on the positive reviews of hundreds of students who have enrolled for Jyoti Bansal’s trading course.

This course focuses on how to trade pivot points. And that helps new traders who find it challenging to draw support and resistance levels.

The best part about this course is how the lessons within it are simplified to be understood with ease.

It’s also a forex trading course with a certificate, which is a great way to build a portfolio if you plan on setting up your own training platform.

3. Steve Nison’s Candlestick Book:

free online forex trading course

Steve Nison’s book on ‘Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques’ is for both new and advanced traders of the crypto and forex market.

It’s more of a book than an advanced course but it’s still worth the mention here.

If you’ve missed out on basic concepts while you began trading, it’s time to fall back on this book to learn them.

The book talks about the Japanese trading method and how it was adopted by Westerners to create the techniques we have today.

So you’ll find terms like fry pan bottom, which can be likened to rounded bottom.

There’s also the dumpling top as compared to the rounded top pattern.

You learn how the hammer tries the test the depth of the ocean and other great sayings.

Pair this book with a complete forex trading course and you’ll significantly improve the way you trade.

What to Look Out for in a Great Trading Course

The courses I’ve outlined above are great ones.

But here are some tips on how to find the best online trading courses for beginners and professionals.

1. Author Profile:

Whether it’s a free trading course or one you’ve purchased, you need to be sure the author has a deep understanding of the financial markets.

That’s why the first step in finding a great course for trading is to check the author’s profile.

Note down things like: ‘how long they’ve been trading,’ ‘how many courses or books have they written,’ and ‘the recommendations their work has gotten.’

The essence is, if you’ve found a great content creator on trading materials, you may want to stick with their work.

2. Course Simplicity:

How easy is the course?

It may have been written or created by a great author but how easy was it to grasp on a scale of 1 to 10?

If you need to study the course thrice or more before understanding what it’s all about, then that’s not a really simple course.

A simple trading course is one you can study and understand even if you’ve just gotten up from a nap.

All the courses I’ve outlined above are simple to study and understand.

3. Detail:

It’s a great course when concepts are explained in detail.

This ensures you understand certain terms such as whipsaws, order blocks, etc. as they relate to trading.

Here, the writer or author is not in a hurry to explain everything in a few words or minutes of video.

You want to get as much detail as possible from the course and at the same time not be bored by irrelevant details.

So how do you know the course is great, to begin with?

Check the review and recommendations of previous buyers of the same product.

If it meets the criteria outlined above, then you’ve found a gold mine that’ll help you understand Forex and cryptocurrency trading concepts.


The list of the best online trading courses for beginners and professionals outlined above is what you need to get started with trading.

You can also improve your trading skill with them.

Some are free while others need to be purchased for a token.

Whichever is the case, check out these courses and add them to your online library for 2023.

Dedicate the next three months to studying them and your trading strategy will improve significantly.

By Grace Joseph

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