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Piercing line candlestick pattern EURUSD

How to Trade Piercing Pattern Candlestick

It’s time to learn how to trade the piercing pattern candlestick. This formation is one of the most frequently occurring patterns on crypto charts. You’ll find it on lower and higher time frames. Therefore scalpers, swing traders, and long-term investors can use it. There’s no single market for it. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Matic, Shiba, Solana, Avalanche, […]

How to trade ascending channel pattern

How to Trade Rising Channel Pattern

How to trade the rising channel pattern is a strategy a good trader learns with intent. These ascending channel patterns are everywhere! And by that, I mean on crypto, forex, & stock charts. If you find that hard to believe, pull up a Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Binance coin chart from any timeframe of your choice. […]

Japanese candlestick charting techniques

Steve Missins Candlestick Book: A Must Read

‘Steve Missins candlestick book,’ you’ve got it wrong there buddy. But you’re still on track to finding the best crypto book on reading candlestick charts. To begin with, the correct spelling of the author’s name is ‘Steve Nison’. And ‘Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques’ is the name of the book. It’s available in the first and […]