Month: May 2022


5 Things to Know Before the Crypto Market Opens

Believe it or not, there are things to know before the crypto market opens on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, etc. These are things I wish I knew before day trading because it would’ve made my whole journey easier. But better late than never right? You could say the same irrespective of the level of knowledge […]

How to trade ascending channel pattern

How to Trade Rising Channel Pattern

How to trade the rising channel pattern is a strategy a good trader learns with intent. These ascending channel patterns are everywhere! And by that, I mean on crypto, forex, & stock charts. If you find that hard to believe, pull up a Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Binance coin chart from any timeframe of your choice. […]

How to trade descending channel pattern

How to Trade Descending Channel Pattern

Learn how to trade the descending channel pattern. It’s one of the commonest chart patterns you’ll come across in the crypto market. This frequency of occurrence provides a greater opportunity to earn as you trade. But there’s more to it! The falling channel (as it is also called) can be used to design a simple […]